St. Paul's is proud to be a part of the Episcopal Church, which as a national body has approved a marriage rite to be used for all couples.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments in your life. The Clergy and Staff of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church wish to assist you in making this a memorable and holy event. We are not a “wedding chapel;” rather, we offer the Church’s blessing upon those who look to God in Christ to give ultimate meaning and strength to marriage. This is a sacramental rite of the Christian Church, as well as an important event for a couple, their families and friends; it is much more than a social gathering.

It is the parish’s desire to provide a home for those who seek the blessing of the church in marriage, and offer a place where the couple’s relationship together and as individuals can grow and flourish in Christ. Sunday attendance at worship is assumed before as well as after the wedding for all couples. It is important to find out if St. Paul’s is a parish where the couple can feel comfortable spiritually in their Christian marriage. Our hope is to play a supportive role in your marriage not just at its start, but throughout your life together.

The first step for arranging to be married at St. Paul’s is to be interviewed by the Rector, the Reverend Kay Sylvester. You may make an appointment by calling the Parish Office, 714-544-3141.

Additional Consultations

Following your meeting with the Rector, additional consultations are necessary:

1. Consult with the Parish Administrator regarding the date and time. A deposit of $500, payable to St. Paul’s, is necessary in order to insure the date and time of your wedding. This means, of course, that no announcements may be published until both the meeting with the clergy and the reservation have been accomplished. There are additional facility use fees involved, depending on your plans. The Administrator will discuss these with you and make available to you a copy of a planning booklet.

2. Pre-marital counseling and instruction are required. The Clergy will determine the content of these sessions with the couple. The couple is responsible for scheduling the required number of sessions. According to the Canons of the Episcopal Church, the Clergy may decline at any point to officiate at any marriage. Nonetheless, throughout the preparations, we commit ourselves to providing a community of support and nurture to those entering into a Christian marriage in this Parish. (There are special Canonical requirements regarding remarriage of divorced persons.)

3. Consult with the rector about your vision for the day: the flowers, photos, reception and others details will be discussed.  Only after this interview will it be appropriate to make your plans regarding the photographer, florist, and reception.

4. Consult with our Organist-Choirmaster, David Milligan, regarding the music – including any outside soloist or musicians – for the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage.

Other Requirements:

Episcopal clergy are governed by the canonical requirements of the Episcopal Church, which include a number of rules which generally affect most brides and grooms: Thirty days notice prior to the marriage is required for preparation time. The bride and groom must comply with the laws of the State of California. At least one of the two persons to be married must be baptized. If either party has affiliation with another church, written permission must be obtained of your pastor before marriage may take place here.

An Episcopal priest of another parish or diocese may use the church for the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage. That priest must contact our Rector directly; no further arrangements should be made until this permission has been granted.  A non-Episcopal clergy person may assist but not officiate at a wedding here.

Marriage at St. Paul’s is performed within the rich tradition of the Anglican Communion to which the Episcopal Church belongs.