The current practice in the Episcopal Church is to baptize individuals (adults or children) at a regular Sunday or Saturday service with the faith community present, since baptism is a rite of initiation into that community. The congregation has several responses in the liturgy. At St. Paul's, we have further adapted the liturgy to include a promise by the children who are present, affirming the newly baptized as a brother or sister.

Certain feast days have traditionally been associated with baptisms: the First Sunday after January 6 – The Baptism of our Lord; the Great Vigil of Easter (Saturday before Easter Sunday); Pentecost; and All Saints Sunday. We are happy to discuss other opportunities for baptism throughout the church year, with the exception of Lent.

Sometime before the baptism, the candidates for baptism – or the parents and Godparents in the case of a child – meet with the priest to discuss your reasons for seeking baptism as well as the Church's hope for you or your child as a result of baptism. Please contact the church office to get a baptism request form.