The mission of Children and Family Ministries at St. Paul’s is to foster a rich inner life in the Episcopal tradition that will accompany our children through both the tempestuous storms and peaceful mountaintops of life. We attempt faith formation that is well-rounded, attending both to the needs of one’s own spirit as well as to the importance of compassionate self-giving in response to the needs of the world. We also strive to forge meaningful bonds among the various families within our community by offering a variety of opportunities for engagement. 

We are sometimes in need of additional teachers or classroom assistants for our Church School, as well as volunteers for the nursery. Teachers and assistants are usually scheduled once a month, while some serve only occasionally as subs.

All classroom helpers receive training in our style of classroom management as well as skills for protecting children from any kind of mistreatment. We work hard to maintain a safe, nurturing environment where children can flourish personally and spiritually.

If you are interested in being part of the Children's Ministry team, please contact our Children and Family Minister, Cassie Lewis, at

Church Sch00l

Professional nursery care is available for ages 0-5 during the 9:30 am service (9 am during summer). 

Church school is held during the 9:30 am service (9 am during summer) with an elementary class for Kinder through 5th grade, and a middle school class for grades 6-8. Be sure to have kids arrive at least 5 minutes early to get settled in. 

Goals of Church School:

  • To provide our children with language for expressing and understanding spiritual experience
  • To foster a safe, delightful, loving community in which to explore spirituality
  • To expose them to the tools of the Christian Tradition that can lead to a grounded, satisfying, and consciously-lived life
  • To help them form an ethical way of living • To give them the assurance that they are loved fully by God and can be agents of God’s love in their own world
  • To nurture theological reflection from a progressive perspective, using stories from the Bible as well as other sources  Curriculum


We use a variety of curricula throughout the year for the elementary class, interspersing special lessons from the Montessori-based Godly Play, Illustrated Children’s Ministry, and Progressive Christianity. For Middle School, we use a beautiful, engaging curriculum from Seasons of the Spirit.  


Please fill out a registration form for each child participating so we can ensure everyone’s safety and well-being while you’re on site with us. The forms can be found in the classroom. 

Joining Parents in Church

Midway through the service, children will be escorted to the sanctuary during the Passing of the Peace. Please watch for your kids at that time and help them find you. They are most welcome to participate fully in Communion. If you have kids in the nursery, you are welcome to retrieve them to join you for Communion, in you like. We look forward to meeting you and your little ones!


Upcoming Activities


Games On the Lawn!

Sunday 7/21 from 11:30-1:30pm

It's time to play! Join other families for a picnic lunch followed by some old classics like gunny sack races, parachute games, egg toss, and of course concluding with a water balloon toss.

Please let me know...

a) if you plan to come, and

b) if you'd like to help with lunch. 

Save the Date: Moms' Gathering

Saturday July 27, 9:30-11:30am

Join other moms from St. Paul's for warm drinks and light treats as we open our hearts to each other about the challenges and joys of parenting.

Discussion topic: How do you keep your family from being over-scheduled in the midst of providing engaging activities?


News from the Pews

Church School in July

In June we worked with the theme of "Who is My Neighbor," and beginning July 14 we'll be exploring the theme of "Ecojustice." 

Kids will continue to gather on the lawn by the brick planter and be walked over to the garden pavilion area at about 10:05am. If you arrive later, please walk your kids over to the garden area. We're having a great time out there - I hope you'll join us! Apply sunscreen before you come, to be safe!


Have stuff to give away?

I've heard some good interest in our Google Spreadsheet that lists items available to give away, but haven't seen action on it. Don't forget to use it as you purge your space! If you need help contacting anyone from the list, just let me know and I can connect you.

Anchored Families: Parenting Resources

Mindfulness in Parenting

Check out the simple meditative practice in the link below for when (daily) parenting challenges rear their ugly heads. It's worth experimenting; does this approach resonate with you? Does it seem unrealistic? Give it a try and tell someone about your experience. This blog was shared with me by one of you - if you have other good parenting resources, please send my way so I can share them more broadly!