The mission of Children and Family Ministries at St. Paul’s is to foster a rich inner life in the Episcopal tradition that will accompany our children through both the tempestuous storms and peaceful mountaintops of life. We attempt faith formation that is well-rounded, attending both to the needs of one’s own spirit as well as to the importance of compassionate self-giving in response to the needs of the world. We also strive to forge meaningful bonds among the various families within our community by offering a variety of opportunities for engagement. 

St. Paul’s Children & Family Ministry offers Church School on Sundays during the 10:15 a.m. Sunday service. Your children will be met at the Welcome Table to be escorted to the classroom. 

We also have a community of support for parents, through bi-weekly offerings like Mom’s Gathering.

Examples of some of our past creative offerings:

  • Family Holy Hike (in person, socially distanced)
  • Family Game Night (Zoom)
  • Outdoor Screening of the movie “Coco” (in person, socially distanced)
  • Thanksgiving Art Workshop: Stained-Glass Leaves (Zoom)
  • Drive-In Family Carol’s Night (in person, socially distanced)
  • Christmas Cookie Decorating Party (Zoom)

It would be wonderful to see you and support you more deeply through these spaces!

Please see our calendar for Children and Family events meeting on Zoom for the duration of the shutdown. 

Church Sch00l

Goals of Church School:

  • To provide our children with language for expressing and understanding spiritual experience
  • To foster a safe, delightful, loving community in which to explore spirituality
  • To expose them to the tools of the Christian Tradition that can lead to a grounded, satisfying, and consciously-lived life
  • To help them form an ethical way of living • To give them the assurance that they are loved fully by God and can be agents of God’s love in their own world
  • To nurture theological reflection from a progressive perspective, using stories from the Bible as well as other sources  Curriculum


We use a variety of curricula throughout the year for the elementary class, interspersing special lessons from the Montessori-based Godly Play, Illustrated Children’s Ministry, and Progressive Christianity. For Middle School, we use a beautiful, engaging curriculum from Seasons of the Spirit.