If death is imminent for a loved one, please call the priest: 714-544-3141.  It is an honor and a solemn joy to accompany families through the transition of death and entry into new life. 

Planning for the Future

An important task in preparing for the end of a life is to make burial arrangements before death occurs. It is a measure of our own spiritual health and awareness of our Christian hope. It is also one of the most loving gifts we can provide for our surviving family members because of the many decisions that surround death and burial. 

St. Paul's has prepared a booklet to help with this planning process. A copy is available from the Parish Office or we can mail one to you. You may also wish to meet with the priest to talk about your wishes. 

When Death Occurs

We are honored to help families through their time of bereavement, and especially to offer the services of the church in planning and carrying out a funeral or memorial service. Since St. Paul's is a busy facility, it is essential that you contact the church first when scheduling a service. We want to serve you to our fullest capacity, and work beside you in making your plans.