After a period of discernment, and the thoughtful, prayerful and careful evaluation of needs, we were all invited to participate in a Feasibility Study conducted by the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) in July and August of 2018.


Thanks to you, we achieved a response rate of 59.4%!  This is the best response rate that Jerry Campbell, our capital campaign consultant, has seen in the decades of his work.  This excellent participation by the parish community lends great credibility to the study’s findings.


Responses indicate that 100% of us support a capital campaign, though a few have reservations.  In addition, 79% of the respondents express a willingness to make a financial contribution with another 19% simply not sure at this time.  It is also a good sign that 21% indicate a willingness to consider a volunteer role in a campaign.  


By using the ranges of estimated gifts that respondents indicated and applying a formula which considered as yet unidentified gifts, as well as other relevant factors noted in the responses, ECF recommends that St. Paul’s has a strong probability of raising $2,191,000 in a capital campaign.  While this is $559,000 short of the tested goal of $2,750,000, it is a sign of great commitment and generosity on your part and at 80% of the proposed goal, gives us many good options for moving forward. In fact, continuing to raise and secure additional support for our program makes it a very real possibility that we can in fact meet the goal of $2.75 million.


A few statistical notes:


You ranked the four elements of the campaign in the following order:

  • New Office and Education Center
  • Parish Hall
  • Sanctuary
  • Transformational Campus Renewal and Landscaping

100% of respondents are in favor of the campaign, though some with reservations.

98% indicated either a willingness to give to the campaign or were open to the possibility

21% indicated a willingness to consider a volunteer position in the campaign.

217 giving units were exposed to the study and 129 participated

44% attend worship services one or more times per week and another 29% attend 2-3 times per month

60% are regular contributors with a written pledge

51% said that St. Paul’s is the most important charity they donate to and 41% ranked it in their top 5


All the comments provided by respondents, without attribution, are included in the complete feasibility study report which will be available for review.


Your vestry and campaign leadership have reviewed the feasibility study report at length and are charting a path forward for this important step in renewing our campus and strengthening us for mission and ministry for decades to come.  You will hear more about that in the very near future!