leap tutoring

Learning, Enrichment & Achievement Partners (LEAP) began in 1999 as a community outreach ministry of St. Paul's and has demonstrated its success in benefiting children (identified by their teachers as being at risk of failure academically) as well as their families and the volunteers, who now come from both the church and throughout the community.


At the LEAP Learning Center each afternoon, volunteers assist and tutor children with homework and additional skill-building activities and encourage and motivate children to do their best. Teacher and parent evaluations tell us that the time and energy tutors commit to this ministry results in significant improvement not only in children's grades and test scores but also in their self-confidence. Tutors gain great personal satisfaction from involvement in a ministry that breaks the downward cycle of failure for a child. 

While LEAP tutors are the core of our ministry, there are other ways to support the work of the program such as helping with snack, planning or helping with an enrichment project, preparing educational materials, serving as a board member or giving financial support. Everyone participating in LEAP embarks on a journey of faith. For more information or to volunteer please call Sally Parkin at 714-832-6061.

Website: leaplearningcenter.org