2023 Pledge 

Below is the online form for your 2023 pledge to St. Paul's.

"I am deeply grateful for you and your faithful contribution of time, energy, and money this year, and I look forward to working beside you in the year ahead. Let’s Imagine What’s Next, together. 

We are serving our neighbors through Sunday Supper, Sunday Showers, Gordon’s Garden, and more; how can we increase our service to our community? Imagine What’s Next!

Our worship, in person and online, maintains high-quality preaching and music alongside innovative liturgy. Several new families and individuals have joined us in the last nine months; our church school is thriving – Imagine What’s Next!

Please think and pray about how you can support “what’s next” by pledging your financial support for 2023. God bless you as you prepare to make your pledge."


Additional information to consider:

Without a written pledge,our work to prepare a budget is inaccurate and incomplete. With this information, we can plan for growth in the coming year and in the years ahead.  

If you give but do not pledge, will you consider the additional step of a committed pledge? If you are accustomed to placing cash or check into the offertory plate but do not pledge, those funds (unless designated for another fund) are not counted in the budget. This year we had $18,000 donated toward our support, but was not included in the budget for 2022.  

St. Paul’s receives all its funding from parishioners, rental of our building space, the Pre-school, and fundraising activities. We receive no funding from the National Church or Diocese. We depend on the generosity of you, our parishioners. This year, due to the pandemic, we have not been able to rent out our building space, thereby decreasing our funds.