The Bible: An Economy of Grace

The Rev. Kay Sylvester Teaching

This four week class begins Sunday October 1 at 11:00 in the Adult Education room

While various Christian traditions have sought Biblical warrant for their options about everything

from the role of women, to sexual mores, to alcohol use, the Bible is not always

written about the questions we bring.

However:  the bible, in both the Hebrew Scripture and the New Testament, contains a

large volume of writing about money and possessions, the morality of the  marketplace,

the power that comes with economic strength, and the subversive all to all of us to be ruled not by

money, but by our relationship with God and other humans.

The Rev. Kay Sylvester will draw on the scholarship of Walter Brueggemann and others to explore

what the Bible has to say about money, and what we're supposed to do with it.  We'll look at the Torah,

the prophets, the Gospels and the writings of Paul to ascertain what a Biblical ethic of money might look like.

Childcare will be available by reservation.  In order to reserve a spot, please RSVP to